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500-year-old tree stumps
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Welcome to the Stumpery! These massive tree stumps originated on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, where large groves of old-growth cedar have grown since the last ice age retreated 12,000 years ago. That Ice Age also brought on the glaciers that formed Denny Hill (as well as the southern shores of Lake Union, Queen Anne, and Capitol Hill areas). Denny Hill heavily impacted development of the city of Seattle until the regrade project was complete in 1930. You can see more about the regrade in our re:Invent stairway stop which includes a display of antique bottles!

Stumps and logs provide valuable habitats for a broad range of species, from fungi, to invertebrates, birds, and mammals. The stumps you see here were 250−500-year-old trees when they died. They were removed from areas undergoing tree harvesting and reforestation and were transported and installed in this landscape to help tell the story of the Pacific Northwest forest ecosystem.

Two large 500-year-old tree stumps sit atop greenery

These massive tree stumps came from trees that were 250 to 500 years old

As you walk to the top of the stairs you will notice one of Amazon’s many dog parks. You might pass a pet “deposit” area as well. Amazon built the pet relief areas throughout the South Lake Union neighborhood and maintains all of the “deposit” areas. These designated areas help protect the plants and greenery in this urban environment.

Amazon invests heavily in green space around the South Lake Union Campus and all of our global campuses as part of our commitment to fighting climate change. In fact, Amazon has donated more than $4 million to Seattle parks and each year thousands of Amazon Employees volunteer to clean up local parks. Did you know that planting new trees is one of the most effective ways to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and other pollutants while helping to keep our urban streets cooler in the summer months?

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Map showing all tour stops with The Stumpery highlighted
Map showing all tour stops with The Stumpery highlighted
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