re:Invent Plaza

Bronze art among rare trees
re:Invent Plaza promo
Statue at re:Invent Plaza

Welcome to re:Invent Plaza, named after the AWS re:Invent conference where cloud enthusiasts from around the world come together to hear the latest innovations, meet with AWS experts, have fun, and build connections!

Trees stand in the middle of a plaza with a bronze sculpture emulating a bird taking flight

Trees in the middle of the plaza with Gerard Tsutakawa’s bronze sculpture

Here you’ll find a variety of rare trees and a bronze sculpture fountain by Seattle artist Gerard Tsutakawa. The artist describes this work as a bird spreading its wings to take flight. Amazon commissioned this work in 2018 and it was installed in early 2019. Tsutakawa is also known for his blend of whimsy and baseball history in the iconic sculpture for the Seattle Mariners called MITT at T-Mobile Park.

A storefront for Rachel's Ginger Beer

Grab a refreshing non-alcoholic treat from Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Finally, you’ll notice Rachel’s Ginger Beer. A Seattle favorite brewed right here in the heart of the city, this non-alcoholic brew brings the freshness of ginger and lemon to the pallet. Try it with some soft serve as a float! We may be biased, but we think it’s the best ginger beer we’ve ever tasted!

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Map showing all tour stops with re:Invent Plaza highlighted
Map showing all tour stops with re:Invent Plaza highlighted
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